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The Foundations Financial Coaching program equips trainees with credentials, training, tools, and resources needed to serve as professional financial coaches for individuals, families, and nonprofits nationwide. This program is one of the efforts to rebuild the Iowa economy by the people and for the people in our greatest time of need.

Why Financial Coaching

Why Financial Coaching Is Necessary?

Prior to March 2020, one third of Iowans earned less than the living wage of $11 an hour. Everyone’s wages didn't rise with the cost of living, leading individuals and families to choose between groceries or housing, daycare or student loans. Today, Iowa is experiencing an economic emergency greater than we’ve seen in the 2008 recession in addition to prior financial challenges.  

The Foundations Financial Coaching Certification program is a useful tool to trainees as well as community members to help establish financial stability even with low wages and to survive economic emergencies. 



  • Specifically we’ve seen the greatest impact in food services, personal care and service occupation followed by the construction industry. (Source:

    • “The economy of Iowa employs 1.54M people. The largest industries in Iowa are Elementary & secondary schools (95,929 people), Construction(83,721 people), and Restaurants & Food Services(79,251 people) …”

Women and people of color are disproportionately impacted by the economic downturn.



Foundations Financial Coaching is one step toward addressing the long-standing inequities, and giving everyone a pathway to financial education. As companies move into 2021 with a renewed focus on equity, we believe equal access to financial education is the catalyst for this shift. 


We are seeing nonprofits prioritize their focus toward assisting individuals and families with basic needs and economic stability. The Foundations Financial Coaching Certification program stands to work alongside these efforts in helping individuals and families recover and plan ahead through financial education and resources.

Foundations Financial Coaching Certification is here to help.



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