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With 211,000 Iowans experiencing some form of income loss due to COVID-19, many are seeking a fresh start in their financial journey – whether that’s a change in careers, a renewed commitment to financial freedom, or a new entrepreneurial endeavor. As millions locally and nationally work to find their footing in this new financial landscape, the Foundations Financial Coaching Certification equips participants with the training, credentials, tools, and resources needed to serve as professional financial coaches. Financial coaching is a necessary service provision as we work to recover from the most challenging economic conditions of our lifetimes.





Foundations Financial Coaching Certification Program Executive Trainer


Joyce Moy, holds a BA from SUNY Stony Brook, and a JD from Hofstra University School of Law and is currently an Executive Director of a research institute at the City University of New York (CUNY) where she focuses on economic development, entrepreneurship and financial empowerment in Asian American and diverse communities.


She is the former Director of Economic Development at the City University of New York, where she had oversight over a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), a Small Business Development Center (SBDC), and a corporate training center at LaGuardia Community College.


Moy began to develop financial education training, and received nearly $600,000 in grants for financial education  programming from the New York State Banking Department, Amalgamated Bank and Citibank. The program later developed into a 45 hour financial education and empowerment training which has become a national model for financial counselors embedded in community based organizations and government agencies. 

Her training and approach has been adopted nationally by Cities for Financial Empowerment and has already been replicated by almost two dozen cities, with another 30 adopting the training over the next 3 years. Moy developed the standards and evaluation criteria for organizations, which include among others, the International Rescue Committee, AFCPE, NACCC and CBA to provide training for a national certification to be issued by Cities for Financial Empowerment. 

She is a former member of the faculty of the CUNY School of Law, Cornell University Law School and Queens College/CUNY. She has taught federal income tax, business law, corporate law and business associations as well as negotiable instruments. Prior to her academic career, she was a practicing attorney.

Joyce is the Foundations Financial Coaching Certificate Program Executive Trainer ready to empower Iowans who want to be more competitive in the workforce and empower their communities through foundational finance increased skill sets and also to help rebuild the Iowa economy. 



Foundations Financial Coaching Certification Program Lead

Deidre DeJear started her business in 2008 during her senior year at Drake University to help other businesses grow and thrive. It was at the brink of the recession, and Deidre saw a need for better marketing services to support small businesses. Iowans were out of work and struggling, and as a result, many became entrepreneurs out of necessity. Deidre stepped in to help them market themselves and navigate the filing process through the Secretary of State’s Office. 

Fast forward 10 years and Caleo Enterprises has helped over 800 small businesses and nonprofits in Iowa. Via an earn and learn model, Deidre now pays small businesses to participate in their education programs because she believes small business owners deserve on the job training just like other trades. 

Over the last several years, Deidre has developed and implemented Iowa’s first Financial Empowerment Center, a collaborative that targets low-income individuals and families, giving them access to mainstream financial systems and products and increasing their financial management knowledge and skills. She has developed programmatic functions, such as financial bootcamps, which provide access to quality financial education. 

Since 2015, Deidre has spent a considerable amount of time working on One Economy, a project dedicated to strengthening the financial capability and wealth attainment of African Americans in Iowa, and other financial empowerment efforts. 

As the Foundations Financial Coaching Certificate Program Lead, Deidre is ready and equipped to help Iowans take their financial skills to the next level.

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